Our Projects


1.8 billion People around the world don’t have access to safe water and 2.4 billion lack access to adequate sanitation. Women and children spend more than 4 hours walking for water each day, and more than 840,000 people die each year from water-related diseases.

We’re here to change that. We want to see communities break free from the cycle of poverty and spend time growing, learning, and thriving, instead of walking for water and fighting off illness.

Better Future 4 Change is working across Cameroun to bring safe water and sanitation to the communities.

For us, it isn’t just about building wells, installing toilets, and setting up pumps; we’re looking to create long-lasting water and sanitation infrastructure by talking to local community members, governments, and business owners, to find out how they live and what they need to feel healthy, safe, empowered, and successful. We’re designing solutions based off of long-term needs and long lives. We don’t want to be around forever, but we want these systems and services to last for generations to come.



Better Future for Change devoted to closing the global education divide through teacher professional development and community education. We are focused on advancing and supporting the movement for educators and advocates for education to do our part in supporting our colleagues and their students in disadvantaged regions here at home and around the world.

Better Future for Change is a non-profit, non-denominational NGO devoted to closing the global education divide through teacher professional development and community education. Our organization focuses on the building of teacher leaders as the key to quality education for all. We work primarily, but not exclusively, in developing countries, in order to build self-reliance, health, and capacity.

In short, the purpose of Better Future for Change is to invite, gather, distil, synthesize, and disseminate the best collective wisdom from teacher leaders from every culture to make all teachers even more effective in contributing to the creation of a world that works for all.

At 59 million, teachers are the largest single group of trained professionals in the world AND the key to our children’s future. Equally amazing is the estimated need for more than 30 million NEW teachers to achieve the goal of the U.N.’s “Education for All” initiative by 2015. The issues are complicated by the number of children who do not go to school at all – 104 million, 50% of who live in countries touched by conflict.

Despite its crucial connection to economic and social development, teacher training is often uneven, protracted, or unsupported. In addition, teachers are rarely included in educational policy change or significant decision-making. Teachers are not just a resource for our children; they are the key to development. They know who is sick, who is missing, who has been abducted into the sex trade or conscripted into a military gang, who has been orphaned by AIDS, who is achieving and who is not. In short, teachers are society’s glue, and they certainly deserve our assistance; otherwise, we are all left with a gaping digital, educational, and economic divide. If the key to economic development and our young people’s future is education, then teachers should have resources, tools, and access to the Internet, as well as each other.



Better Future for Change provides solutions for sustainable economic growth that tackle the source of economic distress rather than short term fixes that can do more damage than good.

Better Future for Change provides technological support to client NGOs by creating innovative platforms to greatly accelerate, simplify, and expand their work capabilities.

We will tailor an optimal technological solution to help client NGOs maximize the number of people they serve in the underprivileged communities of the world.

Any funds collected from our various projects will be used towards providing sustainability through technology to break the cycle of poverty in underprivileged communities of the world.